Victorian Soccer Information and Rules

Please see the infomation and below for details on Soccer in Victoria.

A brief overview of the divisions is in the table below. Please see the documents attached below for further information about each division.

If you have any queries, please do not hesistate to email Dan Sriratana on or Ben Grunow on


Division Rules Below Rules on
National Page 
Simple Simon Soccer ✔ (see attached PDF below)   Uses Vinyl Mat Field. Introductionary division for beginners with only Lego plus Infrared Sensor allowed (no Compass Sensor).
Standard League Soccer    ✔ Uses Green Carpet Field.
Lightweight Soccer     Division Not Running.
Lightweight Vision ✔ (see text below)   Uses Green Carpet Field, based on Open Soccer with variations as per below.
Open Soccer   Uses Green Carpet Field.


Lightweight Vision Rules

As a trial, a Lightweight Vision will be run in lieu to Leightweight Soccer in Victoria for 2020 due to the lack of interst in Leightweight Soccer in 2018 & 2019. The rules are as below:

  • Games will be run using Open Soccer Rules, Fields and Balls.
  • As for previous RCJV Open League games "Out on White" will not be enforced.
  • Lightweight Vision will have the following modifications made to robot
  • Construction rules:
    • Robots must use EV3 or NXT controllers and motors
    • Pixy2 LEGO is the suggested vision sensor
    • The weight of the robot must be under 1.1 kg
    • Any other construction materials can be used
    • Any omni wheels can be used