Victorian Rescue Information and Rules

Please see the documents attached below for details on Rescue in Victoria. In most cases, Rescue in Victoria will follow the altered rules below rather than the RoboCup Junior Australia rules.

A breif overview of the divisions is in the table below. Please see the documents attached below for further information about each division.

If you have any queries, please do not hesistate to email David Ebert on, Andrew Cook on, or Tim Ronchi on

***For a number of years RCJV Rescue has used the Schwepps 1.25L bottles as the preferred Water Tower. This bottle is no longer available for purchase. From 2019 the preferred Water Tower will be the Kirks 1.25L bottle (clear contents with label and sticky reside removed, otherwise left as per factory condition). ***


Division Victorian Rules Notes
Riley Rover Rescue Beginner division for any Primary or Secondary school age student who has not complete in Rescue in a prior year
Primary Rescue Intermediary division for Primary school age students
Secondary Rescue Intermediary division for Secondary school age students, Primary school age students are also eligible to compete in this division
Open Rescue Simplified version of National Open Rescue