While there is no equipment that is expressly required, the following items may be useful with your preparations.  Please support our National Platinum Sponsor, Modern Teaching Aids (www.teaching.com.au) where possible.


Recommended Competition Resources

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Kits and Software

RoboCupJunior Packs (Dance, Rescue, Soccer)

Teacher Resource Books


Websites for learning LEGO Mindstorms Programming

The following is a list of free online courses that are tailored directly to the LEGO EV3 system.  This list was compiled by the amazing 'Robotics in Education' community mailing list.


LEGO Mindstorms Curriculum Resources


Generic Robot Designs

These robot designs are a good place to start with robotics.  They can generally work for all different challenges with only minimal changes.  While these are great for getting started, make sure you read the rules of each challenge carefully to make ensure your robot design is compliant.





Have you 'bricked' your EV3?

If for some reason your EV3 Brick stops working during the firmware update process, you will need to manually update the firmware by doing the following (the EV3 Brick still needs a USB connection to your computer):

1. Hold down the Back, Center, and Right buttons on the EV3 Brick.

2. When the EV3 Brick restarts, release the Back button.

3. When the screen says “Updating,” release the Center and Right

buttons and click the Download button in the Firmware Update 

Electronics Tutorials


Electronics Suppliers


LEGOEngineering Mailing list - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/legoengineering
“The aim of this mailing list is connect educators from around the world who have a common interest using robotics in education.”


LEGO Education Community - https://community.education.lego.com/
The official forums for all LEGO Education products




OnStage Performance

Robots will perform on a HARD, FLAT SURFACE. This may include mdf, vinyl, gym flooring etc

The Stage will include a marked square of 1.9m x 1.9m which is the performance area for the robots. The outside boundary of the performance area will be marked with 50mm black tape.





RCJA Rescue requires a rescue field comprising 15 different tiles that are used in various combinations to create the rescue courses used in competition.

Check the Rescue rules for dimensions of the Open Rescue Platform and the dimensions and construction method of the Bridge and Speed Humps. 

The paint colour for the Rescue Platform, Mounting Blocks and Doorways is Dulux Raw Sunset


Construction Sheets:

1. Speed Humps

2. Bridge

3. See-Saw

4. Doorways

5. Tile Mounting Blocks 

Use the link below to access the Official RoboCup Junior Australia Rescue Scoring System.
This will calculate your teams scrore using this years rules.
Scoring System


Rescue Maze

RCJA Rescue Maze Australia conforms to the RCJI Rescue Maze Rules.
We have developed a set of Maze Modules that will fit together and still
meet the International Rules specifications.

The Maze Modules are made from:-
2 sheets each of 2400 x 1200
Bases - 16mm White Stripple finish HMR Particle Board.
Sides - 9mm Marine (or Structural) Ply

Simply glue and nail them together.

Use the cutting list below to create a competion field set of modules.

1. RCJA Rescue Maze Cutting List



RCJA Soccer requires a soccer field of specific dimensions as shown below. 

Soccer Field 2017

In the attached files section below, you can also downlaod the EV3 IR Seeker Blocks.