Welcome to RoboCup Junior Queensland (RCJQ). We are a committed and experienced group with a passion for Robotics and Education, and we believe RoboCup Junior is the best way to work with both. RoboCup Junior is open to students studying at a Primary School or Secondary School (or the equivalent e.g. home schooled). We encourage students to think creatively to develop solutions, mostly as members of a team of 2 or more, to the RoboCup Junior Challenges in OnStage (previously known as Dance), Rescue, and Soccer. Details of these challenges and their divisions can be found here.

Further details of these events can be found on the Queensland workshops page or each individual event's page or through the links in the calendar.

For photos, events and updates, please follow our Facebook Page

Congratulations to all teams who participated in a RoboCup workshop or competition in 2019! We look forward to welcoming you back in 2020!

Workshop and competiton dates for the 2020 season once formalised will be pubished here and on our Facebook Page. If you would like to host or are interested in having a workshop in your area in 2020 please get in touch!

In 2019 we held events throughout the State including our inagual Regional Workshop Series. See our calendar below for dates and venues. The main event hosted by RCJQ this year was the RoboCup Junior Queensland State Finals, held on 10-11 August at the University of Queensland. For more details, please see the Queensland State Competition page.


Event Name


Intro to OnStage Workshop - Moreton Bay Colleges, Manly 
3rd April 2019 (Completed)
Intro to Rescue Line Workshop - Moreton Bay Colleges, Manly 
3rd April 2019 (Completed)
REGIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES - CAIRNS - School of Distance Education 23 April 2019 (Completed)
24 April 2019 (Completed)
26 April 2019 (Completed)
REGIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES - HERVEY BAY - Bayside Christian College 27 April 2019 (Completed)
Darling Downs Pre-comp Workshop - Faith Lutheran College Plainlands
20 May 2019 (Completed)
Introduction to Standard and Lightweight Soccer - North Lakes State College 29 May 2019 (Completed)
Intro to Rescue Maze Workshop - Canterbury College, Waterford West May 2019 (Completed)
Sunshine Coast Regional - Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Noosa 8th June 2019 (Completed)
Cairns Regional - Edge Hill State School, Edge Hill 22nd June 2019 (Completed)
ROBOCUP INTERNATIONAL - Sydney, Australia  2nd - 8th July 2019 (Completed)
Brisbane Regional - Somerville House, South Brisbane 20th July 2019 (Completed)
Moreton Regional - TBA TBA
Darling Downs Regional - Toowoomba Christian College, Toowoomba 23 July 2019 (Completed)
Central Queensland Regional - CQ University, Rockhampton 2 August 2019 (Completed)
RoboCup Junior Queensland Championships 2018
UQ Centre, University of Queensland, St Lucia
10th-11th August 2019 (Completed)
RoboCup Junior Australian Open Championships 2018
Melbourne, Victoria
11th - 13th October 2019 (Completed)


RoboCup Junior Queensland Committee 2020

President: Alexander Bush – Teacher (Iona College)
Vice President: Margaux Edwards – University Student Representative
Secretary: Alison Taylor, Leeanne Mills – Teachers (North Lakes State College)
Treasurer: Nick Barkley – Teacher (Brisbane Boys’ College)
Regional Coordinator: Margaux Edwards – University Student Representative
Northern Territory Representative: Monica Hilse

Onstage Chair: To be filled
Rescue Chair: Alison Taylor, Leeanne Mills – Teachers (North Lakes State College)
Soccer Chair: Steven Lau - University Student Representative

General Members:

Damien Murtagh – Teacher (Moreton Bay Boys’ College)
Dr Damien Kee – Community Representative (damienkee.com)
Bernadette Vella – Community Representative
Dr Marie Boden – University Representative (University of Queensland)
Anabelle Cooper – University Student Representative
Erin McColl, Dave Finster – International Community Representatives