RoboCup Junior OnStage Performance

RoboCup Junior OnStage Performance is a stunning integration of Science, Technology and the Arts. Participants challenge themselves to design, build and program their robots to dance to music. This performance may bin the form of a dance itime witthbeat of the music, story-telling or even theatrical presentation.

Competitors are encouraged to decorate their entries and motorise robot limb movements, to give their robots real personality and the performance real appeal. RoboCup Junior OnStage Performance can be approached in a number of ways with creative new ideas appearing every year. Some previous ideas have been robots dancing together in tightly choreographed teams, students interacting with their robots, students creating their own music to dance to and students telling a story while the robots act it out. The OnStage Performance Challenge is a real team effort with each student playing their role to design, program, create and perform.

Clarification for 2019

Please be aware of divisional changes for this year which can be found through downloading the offical rules

Novice - restricted to teams of less than 2 years experience

Experienced - for teams of 2 or more years experience

The use of mats / floor coverings will be only available in the Novice division.



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Download the 2019 Rules