RoboCup 2020 NSW 

This week we are excited to launch our 2020 RoboCup Junior virtual event!
Some fun challenges for students of all ages and some amazing prizes including
LEGO® EV3 kits, 1 LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, MTA vouchers, RoboCup medals for all division winners, and certificates for all participants.
Register by Friday 30th October, and upload videos online by Monday 30th November, 2020.

To find out more, join us for a Webinar this Thursday

RoboCup Junior 2020 Virtual Competition 
Time: Sep 24, 2020 07:30 PM Sydney
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 933 966 6437
To register for this Thursday's Zoom Information session:

We'll share a link to our event website very soon.

NSW Open 2019 Competition Results

Congratulations to all competitors. All teams showed great sportsmanship and had worked very hard to get to the competition. Photos are available on the Facebook page: and videos will soon be posted.


NSW OnStage Experienced:
1st: Waltzing Disney - All Saints Primary Liverpool
2nd: Group in 1st Place - All Saints College Liverpool
3rd: Fryerfries - All Saints College Liverpool

NSW OnStage Novice:
1st: Lightning Bots - Hamilton South
2nd: Money Makers - Vacy Public School
3rd: MLC - MLC Sydney

Standard League Soccer:
1st: The Green Team - Covenant Christian School
2nd: The Winnerz - Vacy Public School
3rd: JOLAN - Edmund Rice College Wollongong

Lightweight Soccer:
1st: Delta Squad - Northern Beaches Christian School
2nd: The Donkinators - Northern Beaches Christian School
3rd: BnB - Northern Beaches Christian School

Open Soccer:
1st: Inevitable - Merewether High School
2nd: Jelly - Camden Haven High School
3rd: Ambosch - Camden Haven High School

All soccer results...


NSW Open 2018 Competition Results

Congratulations to all the participating teams, but especially to the following teams who achieved a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Photos and videos of the events will soon be available on the Facebook page:

Rescue Maze:
1st - Jocular Moose - Merewether High
2nd - In it for the wifi - Merewether High

Rescue Line Primary:
1st - Rotbot - St. Aloysius' College
2nd - [insert team name here] - ERC Robotic Lab
3rd - Team Solo - ERC Robotic Lab

Rescue Line Secondary:
1st - Tankbot - St Aloysius College
2nd - Astro Crew - St Philip's Christian College - Port Stephens
3rd -  The Simple Jacks - St Philips Christian College

Rescue Line Open:
1st - WeCANdoit - St George Christian School
2nd - Mars Rover - Fort Street High School
3rd - Merlin - Northern Beaches Christian School

Rescue Innovation Awards:
Black'n Yellow - Sydney Boys High School
Mars Rover - Fort Street High School
PATANEtial - Fort Street High

Simple Simon Soccer:
#1 MCNL - Melrose Park Public School
#2 All Starz - Vacy Public School
#3 OK Kieran - Melrose Park Public School

Standard League Soccer:
Winner: BnB - Northern Beaches Christian School
Runner-up: Alitan - Camden Haven HS
#3: C-3PO - Northern Beaches Christian School

Lightweight Soccer:
Winner: BnB - Northern Beaches Christian School
Runner-up: Invertigo - Merewether High
#3: Megatrons - New Lambton South Public School

Open Soccer:
Winner: M108 - The Scots College
Runner-up: Name taken - Camden Haven HS
#3 Shots fired - Camden Haven HS

 OnStage Novice Day 1
1st: 'Olympians' - Hamilton South
2nd: 'Lightning Bots' - Hamilton South
3rd: 'The Explorers' - Mullion Creek Public School

OnStage Novice Day 2
1st: 'King Kong' - Cranbrook School
2nd: MLC 5's' - MLC School Burwood
3rd: 'Ozbots' - Elermore Vale

OnStage Novice winners (on overall points)
1st: 'Olympians' - Hamilton South
2nd: 'Lightning Bots' - Hamilton South
3rd: 'The Explorers' - Mullion Creek Public School

OnStage Experienced 
1st: 'The 3 Muppeters' Merewether High
2nd: 'Robo Circus' Mullion Creek Public School
3rd: 'All Stars' - Merewether High