Robocup Junior Student / Teacher Workshop - Postponed until 2021

Sumo / Soccer / OnStage / Rescue

Our biggest workshop of the year.


Students & teachers of varying skill levels will be able to bring robots and programs to participate in a number of workshops that will be in the RCJSA State competition.


Here they will be able to best prepare themselves for the Term 3 State comp.


(Open to both novice & experienced schools / mentors)


Venue: EDC Hindmarsh

 Date: TBC (9:30am to 2pm)

Cost: FREE


In this workshop participants (students and teachers) will select from a choice of ‘hands on workshops’ allowing them to experience one of the challenges offered by RoboCup Junior—using LEGO Mindstorm kits EV3 or NXT . Participants will be able to investigate how robotics and RoboCup Junior link to the Australian Curriculum in rich and engaging ways linked to the RCJSA State competition.