2018 Hobart Regional Competition

Date: Saturday 27th July,  2019

Venue: Rose Bay High School

We strongly encourage a minimum team size of two students.

Registration cost for each team is $25. The school will receive an invoice for this just prior or just after the event. 

Rose Bay High School will be open at 9am for a 10 am start to the competition.

The competition will finish around 4 pm.



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Expectations for the event

The aim of Robo Cup Junior is to create an entertaining and educational experience for all involved. To achieve this we all must create a spirit of collaboration, rather than competition. It is hoped that all entrants respect this aim.

Additionally, the following expectations are intended to help make the event as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. Please adhere to these and remind others if they are unaware of them.

·         Cameras with flash and auto focus may not be used in the venue.Please ensure that all cameras have their flashes turned off and are set to manual focus.

·         All movement and behaviour is to be of a subdued nature.

·         Students must only leave the venue under the permission of their guardian (teacher, parent, adult team mentor).

·         In general, ONLY student competitors will be allowed in the Setup area after 10.00am.

·         Participants are not to touch robots or equipment from another team. (Many months or even years of work have gone into some of the robots!)

·         Do not leave valuable equipment unsupervised.


On arrival

On arrival at the venue, you should immediately proceed to the Registration Desk where:

·         Team arrival will be noted.

·         Any updated event information will be supplied.

·         Dance teams will submit one copy of their music (with information regarding team name & track number etc).

During the course of the day teams may be required to have a team interview (see below).

Make sure you are aware of the times you are required to compete. It is YOUR responsibility to make your way to the competition area at the scheduled times. 


Remember to bring

·         Two copies of music for Dance (on mp3 CD or audio CD). One for the performance and one spare.

·         Laptop computer (and IR tower or USB cable, etc.) for downloading programs.

·         Tubs to hold equipment.

·         Copy of the Rules relevant to your entry.

·         Power boards. A single power outlet for each team will be provided in the set up area.

·         Spare batteries (or battery pack).

·         Battery charger (if required).

·         Spare part for robots (e.g. spare LEGO).

·         Tools for repairs.


Getting there:

Dance, Rescue and Soccer - will be held at the Rose Bay High School. Access will be via .....





Sausage sizzle (?) Coffee and Tea at the registration desk.


Rules (Dance, Rescue, Soccer)

It is important that teams are thoroughly familiar with the rules for their challenge.

The complete set of RCJA Rules can be found on the RoboCup Junior Australia website under each Challenge heading:



Light conditions

The organisers will endeavour to block out as much natural light as possible and keep light level even throughout the event. Time will be allocated at the start of the day for teams to calibrate their programs.

Interviews and logbooks

Teams in the Dance competition will be required to attend an interview throughout the day. All teams are recommended to have a log book of their progress to get to the event. Log books are required at the national competition. Further, all teams interested in winning a travel award at the state finals will be required to have a logbook.


Certificates, trophies, prizes

A certificate will be awarded to the winner of each of the five challenges where each of these categories are contested at the regional event.

Dance (Junior), Dance Theatre (Junior), Open Dance/Dance Theatre, Primary Rescue, Secondary Rescue, Open Rescue, Simple Simon Soccer, Standard League Soccer, Lightweight Soccer, Open League Soccer.


For more information contact:

Bob Elliott – rcelliott@yahoo.com


Event Timing

These times are only guides and may change on the day


           Saturday 28 July





Rose Bay High School









Venue open for organisers





Venue open for entrants.

Confirmation of registration.

Access to competition area for calibration and testing.

Interviewer / judge / referee volunteers to be drafted.







10:30am - 1:30pm

Dance and Dance Theatre preliminaries-

Including interviews

10:30am - 1:30pm

Rescue preliminaries

May include interviews

10:30am - 1:30pm

Soccer preliminaries

May include interviews and Soccer scrutineering














1:45pm - 2:30pm

Dance finals





2:00pm - 2:45pm

Rescue finals

Premier Rescue finals

2:00pm - 2:45pm

Soccer finals



3:00pm - 3:45pm

Presentations (all events)






Venue closed


Download a Media Release form here - RCJA Media Release Form

Rose Bay High School will be open at 9am for a 10 am start to the competition.

The competition will finish around 4 pm.