Damien Kee - Domabotics Documentation Award

Prize:  1st Prize - $300,  Runner-up - $100   Highly Commended certificates will be awarded as appropriate

Eligibility: All teams that enter the RoboCupJunior Australia, National Competition are eligible to enter this award

2015 Finalists


One of the fundamental concepts in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is the sharing of knowledge.  Just think about how you got your robot to the stage it is now.  Chances are, you didn’t do everything by yourself.  You asked your friends questions, you asked your teachers and mentors for advice, you may have looked up how other people had solved similar challenges in the past.  All these people were willing to help you out, and now you have the chance to help others.

This award is not for the most technically advanced robot, or the robot that performs the best on the day of the competition, but rather for those teams that go out of their way to share the knowledge that they have gathered over the course of their RoboCupJunior Australia journey.


The documentation award has no set format to follow, it is left up to the teams to decide how to best convey the knowledge they want to share.  This could include, but is not limited to

  • Logbook
  • Website
  • Videos
  • Program files

It may consist of other forms of documentation or a combination of any of these.


Good documentation allows the reader to fully understand all parts of your robot.  The types of content that makes for good documentation may include:

  • Mechanical Design
    • Diagrams, photos, sketches, isolation of specific sections
  • Electrical Design
    • Sensors used, circuit design
  • Software Design
    • Program flow, flowcharts, code snippets


If you have done research into multiple solutions in order to find out what’s best, this can also be valuable knowledge for others to know.  In addition, while it is always great to have a project that goes perfectly smoothly, it is rare not to have bumps in the road.  These problems and their solutions are just as important as the final product and if significant, should be included in any documentation.  This is your chance to make sure someone else doesn’t make the same mistakes as you!


The one overriding focus of this award is the sharing of knowledge.  Because of this, it is important that all entries have the required permission to have their work publically posted on the RoboCupJunior Australia Website (www.robocupjunior.org.au).  If this may mean the removal of names and identifying photos, this will not impact on the judge’s decision.


Entries are required to provided 1 week before the National competition in electronic form (paper copies unfortunately are not as easy to share!).  This may be a pdf attachment, website url and/or video link.

A shortlist will be compiled by Damien Kee and passed on to a panel of no less than 3 judges who will make the final decision.  The Judges Decisions are final.


For more information, please contact Damien Kee - www.damienkee.com, damien@domabotics.com 


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