ACARA has recently released the working version of the new Technologies Curriculum.  Robotics in general and RoboCupJunior specifically fit extrememly well with this new curriculum.  Over time we will be adding more resources that show the links between Robotics and the Australian Curriculum.

Australian Curriculum - Technologies :

These resources were prepared by;

  • Bronwyn Moreton
  • Gerald Elias
  • Susan Bowler
  • Greig Tardiani
  • Damien Kee

Their efforts were supported by;

  • Google CS4HS program
  • UNSW School of Computer Science & Engineering 



Prezi: Robotics and the Australian Technologies Curriculum


How Does RoboCupJunior Address the AC Technologies [open]


RCJA Mapped to Design Technologies Scope and Sequence [open]


RCJA Mapped to Digital Technologies scope and sequence [open]


RCJA Elaborations [open]


RCJA Project Lifecycle Template [open]


Content Descriptors to RCJA Charts [open]


Content Descriptors Mapped to RCJA Project Template Sections [open]


RCJA Sections Mapped to Content Descriptors [open]


Logbook Mapped to Process and Skills [open]


UBD Robotics Program Example [open]