Queensland State Competition 2020

When: 8th-9th August 2020

Where: UQ Centre, University of Queensland

Contact: https://robocupjunior.org.au/contact

Details for the competition will be annonced here and on our RCJQ Facebook Page.

Division Days - New for 2020

Onstage Novice - Sunday
Onstage Experienced - Saturday

Rescue Line Primary - Saturday
Rescue Line Secondary - Sunday
Rescue Line Open - Saturday

Soccer All Divisions - Both Days

Maze - Both Days

Tagging and Testing of Equpiment

To comply with the OHS policy of UQ, this year we will be strictly enforcing the requirement that ALL electronic equipment used in UQ centre MUST BE tagged and tested. UQ centre staff will be routinely moving through the venue and identifying any equipment not tagged and tested and asking it be removed and not used.

To minimise any disruptions in the competition, please ensure that you organise with your students for the tagging and testing of any equipment to be done in your school BEFORE the competition weekend. We are organsing two technicians to be onsite for a short period of time on both the Saturday and Sunday morning, however this time will be limited and we can not guarantee all equipment can be covered. To ensure a productive and fun weekend for you students please organise this through your schools. 

Digital File Upload

This year we are using an online upload system of log books and dance music. We encourage you to go to, http://robocupjunior.org.au/qld/files to upload the files relevant to your team. This will allow us to better organise the flow of the competition. As this is a trial year we ask that the students also bring along a hardcopy whether that is USB / CD for music or a traditional log book. 


There is no need for a completed media release form at the Robocup Queensland Championships. Signs will be prominently displayed stating that people in the compeition area may be photographed for the purposes listed.

2019 RoboCup Junior Queensland Championships Results


Encouragement Award: Capalaba Dragons - Capalaba State College


  1. Around the World - Somerville House
  2. Greek Gods - Somerville House
  3. All Stars - Lockyer District High School


  1. Pickles - Kimberley Park State School
  2. BBSS EmoG - Banksia Beach State School
  3. Hanako Fire and Rescue Saves the Day - Somerville House


Encouragement Award: The Electromagnetic Spectrum - Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Standard League:

  1. Not Not Jerry - Building Block Studio
  2. Noot Noot - Somerville House
  3. The Squeaking Lorries - Alexandra Hills State High School

Lightweight Division:

  1. Gamma - Brisbane Boys' College
  2. Morph - Brisbane Boys' College
  3. Botbuilders - Building Block Studio

Open Division:

  1. Omicron - Brisbane Boys' College
  2. J-Tec - Brisbane Boys' College


Encouragement Award: Sleepy Bros - Iona College

Rescue Maze:

  1. EDITH! - Cannon Hill Anglican College
  2. Cable Management - QASMT
  3. RoboRaces Maze - Iona College

Rescue Line - Primary:

  1. Silicon Slay3rs - Kenmore South State School
  2. CSC Pink Fluffy Unicorns - Chancellor State College
  3. CSC LJ LineSlayer - Chancellor State College

Rescue Line - Secondary:

  1. Syntax Error - Brisbane Boys' College
  2. BB3 - Brisbane Boys' College
  3. CanCatcher - Toowoomba Christian College

Rescue Line - Open:

  1. The Invoice - Brisbane Boys' College
  2. Coding Co - Brisbane Boys' College
  3. Facehugger - Alexandra Hills State High School
2019 Honour Roll
Your Team Name Their Team Name What did they do that was Awesome?
Chasing stars Sommerville house Remembered them from regionals and encouraged them today.
canterbury college onstage Canterbury college maze Even though they had to quick go do their event, without a second of doubt they quickly helped set up our robot to a great satisfaction instead of rushing to their event
Kelvin Grover and Grover Kelvin BBC They helped many teams (including us) with their robots
Som Hse TBA BBC Gamma You guys are amazing thanks for helping us out and showing us mercy (ba dum chhhhh) you legends. You are a true gamer
Noot Noot TBA Thanks Olivia for helping us with everything. Thanks Enid for moral support.
Team bobcats Silver arrow Helped with trouble shooting line following difficulties
Fire and Rescue Crabbots 3000 They lent us their touch sensor off their robot. Thank you!!
Bam Fam Red Rug Rats Thanks for lending us a part to help our rescue bot overcome a problem we had at regionals!
Crabbot 3000 wonder girls They lent us their battery for us to use in our performance
Botbuilders Gamma Waited 10 minutes for us to fix our soccer robot.
TBA Botbuilders They gave us an extra 10mins to fix our robots; you guys are awesome!
All Somerville House Dr Tuazon Bringing lollies and food!!! Thank you!!!
UVK All the BBC boys For helping us fix our robot and letting us use their stuff
Kelvin Grover and Grover Kelvin Windsor Thank you for helping us with our soccer bots!
All Stars Robotastics Let us borrow a few LEGO pieces for our Donkey robots’ head!
FAFA Fiery Dragsters Support and kept us laughing during hard times
Fiery Dragsters FaFa Supported us in the finals
TBA All the somey teams You guys are legends!! Thanks for helping us out!! Hope you guys are winning!! GO NOOT NOOT AND AROUND THE WORLD!!
Morph - BBC BotBuilders They delayed our game for 30 minutes for us to fix our robots. Big respect