2017 State Championships

When: Monday the 21st of August, Term 3

Where: EDC (Milner Street, Hindmarsh)

Entries TBC

For more information contact : Simon Coad, Administrator RoboCupJunior SA coady09@hotmail.com

Cost $30 per team for the competition

- payments can be made via EFT (this is provided with your invoice at time of onine registration)

- other methods of payment may be discussed prior to competition
- cash will not be accepted on the day

* Please note that if no payment is received on the day or prior then teams will be inelligable to compete*



All competitiors MUST sign a Media Release Deed and submit it at Registration on the day. Failure to have this will result in not having those competitors allowed to compete.



Competition categories include:

Dance: Junior Dance (all children in a Primary institution with 2 or less years experience); Senior Dance (all children in a secondary institution with 2 or less years experience); Open Dance (any age level in a school instiution or any students who have competed at 2 years of dance)

Rescue: Primary Rescue (all children in a Primary institution); Secondary Rescue (all children in a secondary institution) ; Open Rescue (any age level in a school instiution or students who have competed at 2 years of Rescue). Maze will be a demonstration participation on the day (expressions of interest can be made via emailing Simon Coad) - participation will still require the cost of n entry team

Soccer: there are a variety of competitions (see Soccer section of RJCA website) and competitins will depend on the number of participants who enter

Riley Rover: a division of Rescue which is restircted to a RileyRover base with the colour sensor/ultrasonic attachment is ideal (will only happen if the numbers allow)

>>Download RileyRover Information <<

Conditions for the competitions

 * you must bring your own laptops and have the Ev3 or NXT software uploaded as we unfortunately can’t provide that on the day

 * please check the rules of each category if you are unsure of what is required to compete



>> Download an information booklet <<


Other information of interest with the competition:

  • Time of the event is roughly 9am to 3pm (please be aware that this may change depending on numbers)
  • We do understand that some schools are restricted by timeframes but our times can not be moved to accomodate this
  • Awards for placings will be presented on the day, as well as awards for innovation and excellence.
  • each team / school must have a mentor with them at the competition
  • A team constitutes 2 or more participants (where there is a singular competitor it must be show that they have done work with other students prior to comp in their journals or during interviews)
  • teams / schools are allocted workspaces but only limited tables and chairs will be provided 
  • each competing school is expected to nominate a volunteer to assist on the day of competition. They will each be assigned a role of responsibility.
  • It is the responsibility of the metors to watch their students at all times and not allow them to raom freely around the venue

* Please also upload your music, and loogbooks thought the section marked under the registration tab*

EARLY BIRD ENTRY : get your entries in before 1/8/17 to be considered to be in a prize draw (drawn at lunchtime of the competition)

Fill out my online form.